Letter of Recommendation – Rebecca Mass

Dear Sir or Madam:

Marybeth taught me how to drive again after a terrible and traumatic accident that I had. She helped me to regain my confidence–something that no other driving instructor was able to do. I frequently recommend Marybeth’s School of Driving to anyone who mentions that they are interested in getting their license or just brushing up on their driving skills. Marybeth always conducts herself in a professional manner. At no point during our lesson sis she ever say or do anything that would cause one to question her ability as an instructor.

Marybeth informed me of the rules of the road and what the penalties would be for disregarding them. She was quick to point out even the smallest things, such as counting the seconds you stop at a stop sign before continuing on. Marybeth always handled herself with poise and professionalism. I think she is a wonderful driving instructor and a great asset and resource to young adult or anyone in the Saratoga region looking to improve their driving.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Mass

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