Letter of Recommendation – Chris Brooks Sr.

To whom it may Concern;

I am proud to write this letter of recommendation as a successful student of Marybeth’s School of Driving. I was a student when I was 17 years old and have taken a few ‘refresher’ driving lessons with Marybeth to make sure that my driving skills have not diminished over the past 11 years. Marybeth is an amazing teacher and has the patience of a saint. I had ADHD quite bad as a young man and both my parents refused to teach me to drive. Marybeth was my driving instructor and taught me everything that I know about driving, and I feel that it is solely because of Marybeth and her teaching that I have been a successful driver with ZERO accidents in 11 years of driving. I truly wish that anyone who needs help learning how to drive could experience the dedication that Marybeth puts into every student and every lesson.


Chris Brooks Sr.

Ballston Spa, NY

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