Letter of Recommendation – John DeGuardi

To whom it may concern:

Teaching you teen children to drive can be one of the most challenging and trying duties a parent encounters. Like many other parents, my wife and I experienced some tense moments with our son and daughter that tested our patience. After the first lesson, we knew had made a smart choice. Marybeth has a knack for breaking down the mechanics of driving into a series of simplified steps. In addition, she knows the rules of the road far better than an adult who had developed their own bad habits after over thirty years of driving. Both of my teenagers have responded to her instruction. My wife and I feel tremendously relieved that they are smarter and safer drivers. I would recommend Marybeth to any parent.


John DeGuardi

Letter of Recommendation – Kimberly Soden

To Whom It May Concern;

I have had Marybeth’s School of Driving help all three of my boys learn safe driving techniques. She has been prompt in picking them up and returning them after their hour long lesson. Each child took three or four lessons from her, learning more than I could have taught in that hour.

My sons have also attended her five hour pre-licensing class held on Thursday’s, and she has brought them each to their road test appointment.

I have been pleased with the lessons and the investment made in my son’s driving abilities. I highly recommend Marybeth’s School of Driving.


Kimberly Soden

Ballston Spa, NY

Letter of Recommendation – Rebecca Mass

Dear Sir or Madam:

Marybeth taught me how to drive again after a terrible and traumatic accident that I had. She helped me to regain my confidence–something that no other driving instructor was able to do. I frequently recommend Marybeth’s School of Driving to anyone who mentions that they are interested in getting their license or just brushing up on their driving skills. Marybeth always conducts herself in a professional manner. At no point during our lesson sis she ever say or do anything that would cause one to question her ability as an instructor.

Marybeth informed me of the rules of the road and what the penalties would be for disregarding them. She was quick to point out even the smallest things, such as counting the seconds you stop at a stop sign before continuing on. Marybeth always handled herself with poise and professionalism. I think she is a wonderful driving instructor and a great asset and resource to young adult or anyone in the Saratoga region looking to improve their driving.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Mass

Letter of Recommendation – Isabel Kagan

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter on behalf of my former driving instructor Marybeth. I had lessons with Marybeth for about a year and took my road test twice.

In addition to being an amazing instructor, Marybeth is also a truly decent,wonderful person. I recently got my driver’s license after years of being too terrified to sit behind the wheel. Marybeth helped build my confidence with her never-ending support and patience. Her techniques and mnemonic devices are brilliant; I will always hear her instructions in my head while parallel parking.

I have recommended Marybeth to several friends and will continue to do so in the future.

I wish I could express how much I appreciate what Marybeth has done for me. It would be a great shame were she not to continue teaching.

Isabel Kagan

Letter of Recommendation – Chris Brooks Sr.

To whom it may Concern;

I am proud to write this letter of recommendation as a successful student of Marybeth’s School of Driving. I was a student when I was 17 years old and have taken a few ‘refresher’ driving lessons with Marybeth to make sure that my driving skills have not diminished over the past 11 years. Marybeth is an amazing teacher and has the patience of a saint. I had ADHD quite bad as a young man and both my parents refused to teach me to drive. Marybeth was my driving instructor and taught me everything that I know about driving, and I feel that it is solely because of Marybeth and her teaching that I have been a successful driver with ZERO accidents in 11 years of driving. I truly wish that anyone who needs help learning how to drive could experience the dedication that Marybeth puts into every student and every lesson.


Chris Brooks Sr.

Ballston Spa, NY

Letter or Recommendation – Linda

Hi it’s Linda, thank you again! 

Marybeth’s School of Driving was a great experience! I had one month to learn how to drive before my road test, so I drove one hour with her once a week for a month, and she taught me everything that I needed to do on the test. She was very nice, fun and comfortable to drive with, and taught me the best and easiest ways to do things like parallel park and three point turns. She taught me all the important rules and precautions you must take that my parents had forgotten and didn’t even teach me. She pointed out my mistakes and made sure that I corrected them. She was extremely helpful and I wouldn’t have passed my test without her! I strongly recommend her to everyone who has an upcoming road test or needs to learn the correct way to drive!

Letter of Recommendation – Sue & Bill Schultz

Dear Mary Beth,

We wanted to send this letter of gratitude to you for teaching both Ellen and Kelly, now 17 and 19, how to drive safely and training them on the rules of the road.  Both girls passed their driving tests and have been able to obtain jobs and achieve more independence as a result.
I will have to admit that teaching your child to drive is a scary task.  We were grateful to have someone like you to call upon to help.  The girls were always ready to take their weekly lesson and it only took less than a year before they were ready to take their road tests.
We would, and have, recommended you to other Parents looking for a driving instructor.  I remember the very first lesson our oldest had with you – I thought I was glad it wasn’t with me!  I also meditated in my room until she returned home safely – which they always did!
Thank you again for everything,
Sue and Bill Schultz
Ballston Spa, NY

Letter of Recommendation from Judy Crawford

April 3, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I would be happy to recommend the services of Marybeth Stacchini from Marybeth’s School of Driving to any of my friends and family.  She has provided her services to my daughter in 2007 and now my son in 2012.  They also took the 5 hour course with her which they found to be interesting and informative, not boring like I remember it being.  I told my son I wish that she taught math since he seemed to be able to absorb so much information in such a short time.  My son just recently passed his driving test and without Marybeth taking him to the test I’m afraid his nerves would have gotten the best of him.

Judy Crawford

Stillwater, NY